Shop Steward Information

Thanks for taking on the important job of shop steward for your worksite. Whether you are a new steward or have been doing this work for many years, your role is to watch and listen to what is happening in your workplace. You will do this on behalf of all CUPE members. The union needs you to represent our members and to protect the rights we have won in the collective agreement. Each clause in the collective agreement comes from negotiations with the employer, and every single clause is important.

In our local, the Grievance Committee formally files grievances, and the shop steward assists members in listening to their concern and determining if there is cause for a grievance. You are the first contact with members when there is a problem or interpretation of the collective agreement is needed. Your role is valuable to your union and all its members—so thank you for taking on this job.

An excellent booklet put together by The Canadian Labour Congress and CUPE is The Steward Handbook, to download or contact a Local 2145 executive member for a hard copy. It will get you started and guide you through your role and responsibilities as a shop steward.

Your worksite CUPE bulletin board will have Shop Steward contact information.