2017-2018 School District 54 Facilities Review Report

Good afternoon CUPE Staff

Here is the link to the report that was recommend to the board. Please take the time to review the whole report. The recommendations are listed on page 12. There will be an additional meeting Tuesday November 28th @ 7pm in the Houston Secondary School library, please come and attend. There will be a Q&A period.


Here are the recommendations as quoted directly from the Facilities Review Report


The following reason have been provided for considering the reconfiguration of Houston schools:

1. declining enrollment and minimal capacity utilization;

2. important to spread resources equitably throughout district;

3. future reductions in revenue funding or budgetary restraints;

4. insufficient capital support available for facilities.

It is therefore recommended that School District 54 Board of Education direct senior administration to explore and pursue the option of requesting financial support from the Ministry for a fixed modular annex in Houston.

It is also recommended that the School District 54 Board of Education direct senior administration to apply for funding from the 2018/19 Rural Education Enhancement Fund in regards to a potential school reconfiguration / closure. 


Any further questions can be answered by Adam, myself or your Admin.

Thank you.

Community Involvement

World AIDS Day – December 1

This annual event is recognized by our Local 2145 with the wearing of a special red ribbon designed by Positive Living North worker Marilyn Morrison. It symbolizes we care and support those living with HIV/AIDS and in memory of those who have passed on.

In the fall of 2009, Local 2145 reached out to the HIV/AIDS community by connecting with organizations that support people and their families living with HIV/AIDS. We continue to have an annual ribbon work bee to assemble dozens of ribbons to be distributed to each worksite for any members, other staff and the public to wear on December 1. As a Local, we also make an annual donation to Positive Living North’s education program. In the fall, look for posters inviting all to a ribbon work bee and sharing.

For more information on Positive Living North


Strong Communities—Supporting Our Seniors 2010

Did you think Labour Day only happened in September? May 1 is International Worker’s Day, in recognition of the efforts workers have made to improve working conditions. Support staff of Local 2145 wanted to recognize the work seniors have done and continue to do in the community by showing appreciation in a meaningful way. During the week of May 1 – 8, CUPE members volunteered by helping seniors with their yard work, house cleaning, and gardening in the ‘Strong Communities – Supporting Our Seniors’ campaign. Coordinators say this year’s event was such a great way for CUPE members to connect with seniors in the community that they can see the event growing in future years.

Clipboard01  Paulie Haines, a secretary at Walnut Park, lending a helping  hand.


Global Justice


The National Global Justice Committee provides focus to CUPE’s global justice work and administers our Global Justice Fund. This Committee’s work in Canada and with strategic international partners helps build a global movement to oppose corporate privatization, trade, deregulation, and increased threats to security, peace and human rights.

Our Local makes an annual contribution to this very worthy cause.

Leave of Absence

To apply for a Leave of Absence from your regular work hours, please ensure you have completed the following form.  Leave Form

Once you have filled out the information pertaining to the reason you are requesting the leave, have your administrator authorize it. This form then goes to the School Board Office for timekeeping purposes.

Please refer to our Collective Agreement for acceptable leaves.

About Us

Local 2145 represents approximately 160 full-time and part-time employees of School District No. 54. Our members hold a wide diversity of jobs. We are known as “Support Staff” because we do just that – provide essential support to the students, faculty and administration in day-to-day school activities.

You will find a complete list of CUPE positions in “Schedule A and B” at the end of your Collective Agreement.

Our Local holds a general meeting every two months. In the weeks prior to the meeting, notices are distributed announcing the date, time and place of the meeting, as well as topics to be discussed and voted on. Just as you and the work you do is crucial, your participation in your union is also vital.