Professional Development

The Local’s intent with the establishment of this fund is to acknowledge, through financial support, the importance of professional development for all School District No.54 employees.The maximum amount to be allocated by the Local to the fund is $1,000 per year and awards will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
The maximum amount awarded will be 50% per course cost, not to exceed $300.00 per individual per fiscal year. Any member of Local 2145 wishing to apply for financial help from the Local for education courses/workshops must meet the following criteria before any funds will be allocated:

  1. Contribution to the Union by attendance at a minimum of three (3) Local 2145 General Union meetings within the twelve months prior to the date of the request or attendance at a CUPE education course within the 48 months prior to the date of the request.
  2. The education for which the application is being submitted must be relevant to CUPE jobs available in School District No. 54, or to CUPE, or to Local 2145.
  3. Applications must be made in writing to the secretary of the Local, PO Box 2493, Smithers, BC, V0J 2N0 and approved by the executive board of Local 2145.


Support Staff Education and Adjustment Committee (SSEAC)


What is SSEAC?


In September 2007 bargaining, CUPE BC was successful in securing $3,000,000 for the Skills Enhancement and Retraining Funding. Our Local, together with School District #54 (Bulkley Valley), applied for these funds and secured $22,845 for professional development and re-training for our membership. SSEAC is a joint committee, equally participated in by the Union and the Employer. In the recently bargained 2012 Collective Agreement, SSEAC funds were once again secured for our members.


What qualifies for funding?


Courses and workshops that the SSEAC Committee have reviewed and deemed eligible would qualify. These may be offered through Northwest Community College or on-line and will be posted on your Union bulletin board. Some conferences held both locally and provincially. If you see a specific course, workshop, or conference that others might be interested in taking and are unsure if it qualifies for SSEAC funding, contact Barbel Schroeter.


How Can I apply?


See a course or workshop that looks interesting and would enhance your job? Send an informal letter to both, Toni Perrault, SD #54 Human Resources and CUPE Local 2145 Recording Secretary. The letter should state the title of the course/workshop, date, cost, including wage replacement.