WHMIS – Health and Safety

WHMIS Training aims at providing participants with the generalized information on how to identify workplace chemicals and using the Material Safety Data Sheetes.


There is no cost to taking this course. To obtain certification you must write the final exam at the end of each course. At this point you will be directed from within the course to Request Certificate.


This is an online course. Once you follow the link below, you will be guided through a simple sign-up procedure. If you need help getting online, please contact Barbel Schroeter at barbelschroeter@ymail.com


WHMIS online course – http://www.sd23.bc.ca/HealthAndSafety/


The cost of obtaining a WHMIS certificate is $10, and will be covered by SSEAC funds.

Please submit your receipt to Toni Perreault at the School Board Office for reimbursement of this cost.